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There are many factors that affect which companies are selected by businesses of all types to be their chosen suppliers, and as a result making things work in your favour can be more complex than selling to consumers. 

Although MarketCheckers isn’t a telemarketing agency, we do find ways to boost your sales. 

We also have a range of ways to cut your costs, which for some reason is the first thing many businesses ask about! 

Saving money on invoices every month can add up to £000sSeeing things from your customers’ viewpoint can potentially be worth millions.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There are many variables that affect which companies are selected by businesses of all types to be their chosen suppliers, and as a result making things work can be more complex than selling to consumers, in some cases.  Customer Satisfaction Surveys help compare your own company’s perceptions (across all locations including customer-facing sites and head office) against the perceptions of your customers in terms of considerations that are most important to the customer, and how well your company performs against these.

Includes: Retail, Wholesale and Trade Network Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Actionable ideas to boost loyalty.

Visit and Telephone Mystery Shopping

The aim is to provide a level of service that attracts a greater flow of customers, enhances loyalty and increases the likelihood of both purchases and recommendations. The specific objectives of any mystery shopping exercise, whether business or consumer, should include a combination of the following, depending on the type of study involved.

  • Firstly, to improve the performance, attitudes and behaviour of customer-facing staff by providing tangible feedback about each sales person’s customer handling technique.
  • Secondly, to check that current promotions are being sold and ensure that special offers are being honoured and adhered to in the way that you intended.
  • Thirdly, to check that the required standards in and around your outlet premises are being met.
  • Fourthly, to keep staff ‘on their toes’ because they are aware of the mystery shopper programme,


What MarketCheckers will deliver for you

For a fixed fee agreed in advance, you will receive whichever combination of the following you ask for:

  • Narrative summary report in Word
  • Presentation in PowerPoint
  • League tables reports (in PDF or Excel)
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Detailed individual visit reports for each location

Taken together, the results that we deliver to you will provide a host of powerful, often eye-opening results.  These will enable you not only to take action and put things right as soon as possible, but also to monitor and maintain the required standards over time.

In addition

To assist you in reaching your objectives, MarketCheckers Ltd offers:

  1. Accurate, up-to-date and very high-quality information
  2. Answers to ANY question
  3. Complete confidentiality and impartiality
  4. Full GDPR compliance
  5. Actionable reports to meet your objectives
  6. Rapid yet realistic timescales
  7. Dependability and excellent service
  8. Fixed-cost quotations
  9. Competitive rates
  10. A real saving in terms of time, money and stress

MarketCheckers Ltd has worked successfully with:

• Accountants
• Advertising Agencies
• Printers & Digital media
• Solicitors
• Estate Agents
• Management Consultancies
• Web Design agencies
• Publishing companies
• Professional Qualifications and Membership organisations

• Building Societies
• Household Insurance Providers
• National Automotive Finance/Warranty
• Commercial Insurance Brokers
• Pension Providers
• Health Insurance Policies

Materials Handling & Agricultural Equipment
• Mechanical Diggers and Excavators
• Paving Equipment
• Tractors
• Fork Lift Trucks

Trade and Wholesale Outlet Chains
• CCTV Equipment Wholesalers
• Print and Design Chain
• Plumbing Wholesalers
• Builders Merchants
• Bed Linen and Tableware Wholesalers

Property, Storage and Transport
• Housing Associations
• Office Rental
• House Builders
• Transport & Haulage Operators
• Storage Centres

Manufacturing and Technical
• Internet Domain Naming Registry
• Particle Sizing Equipment
• European Motor Car Fuel Additives
• Pipeline Industry Engineers
• Electrical Extension Leads