Retail, Leisure and Health

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With MarketCheckers you will save large chunks of budget on a range of initiatives.  We are very happy to help you out with projects of all sizes, large or small.  Tell us what you want to achieve and we will do it. No problem.  

Incidentally, because we like to be competitive ourselves, we also welcome your feedback on our own quotes. 

We also have a range of ways to cut your costs, which for some reason is the first thing many businesses ask about! 

Saving money on invoices every month can add up to £000sSeeing things from your customers’ viewpoint can potentially be worth millions.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If something doesn’t meet with a customer’s requirements there are many alternative suppliers to choose from in most situations. Customers can vote with their feet, computers, cars or telephones, and more importantly with their credit cards, direct debits and BACS payments.

MarketCheckers will help you to stop them escaping!  We will also help you win more customer referrals and repeat sales.

Mystery Shopping

Check out your checkouts with our UK-wide network of mystery shoppers.  We have extensive experience in both the Retail and Leisure sectors.

The end objective of mystery shopping is to increase sales. There are four means to this end:

  •       Firstly, to improve the performance, attitudes and behaviour of the personnel being monitored, by providing each member of staff with tangible feedback about their individual approach    
  •       Secondly, to ensure that current promotions and offers are being correctly pointed out and explained
  • Thirdly, to check that the required standards in and around your outlet premises are being met.
  • Fourthly, to keep staff ‘on their toes’ because they are aware of the mystery shopper programme.

         All aspects of mystery shopping are designed to help staff to polish and perfect the way they handle real customers. There are two very popular types of mystery shopping that will yield much information.

    1. Visit Mystery Shopping

    For the benefit of the uninitiated, in a typical Mystery Shopping programme, a “shopper” (i.e. a professional person posing as a real customer) is briefed to visit a retail or leisure outlets, e.g. a shop or a cinema. The mystery shopper is given a scenario, typically a product or service to express an interest in, and questions to ask to customer-facing staff at the outlet. Based on the observations made in the outlet, the shopper writes a comprehensive, impartial and constructive report.

    Video recordings of visits can be made. This is EXTREMELY powerful feedback, as absolutely everything is seen and heard.

    2. Telephone Mystery Shopping

    A very cost-effective measurement method of Mystery Shopping which can be used to:

    1. Assess staff handling of telephone enquiries, potential sales leads or appointment opportunities
    2. Provide an independent means of checking the effectiveness of a training programme
    3. Act in a policing role to check performance or adherence to promotions This may be reinforced with incentives

    Mystery shopping calls can have recordings provided at no extra cost, if you or your colleagues require them. This gives the many benefits of feedback, consistency, measurability and proof, at no extra cost. Staff can hear for themselves how to improve.

    What MarketCheckers will deliver for you

    For a fixed fee agreed in advance, you will receive whichever combination of the following you ask for:

    • Narrative summary report in Word
    • Presentation in PowerPoint
    • League tables reports (in PDF or Excel)
    • Audio recordings
    • Video recordings
    • Detailed individual visit reports for each location

    Taken together, the results that we deliver to you will provide a host of powerful, often eye-opening results.  These will enable you not only to take action and put things right as soon as possible, but also to monitor and maintain the required standards over time.

    In addition

    To assist you in reaching your objectives, MarketCheckers Ltd offers:

    1. Accurate, up-to-date and very high-quality information
    2. Answers to ANY question
    3. Complete confidentiality and impartiality
    4. Full GDPR compliance
    5. Actionable reports to meet your objectives
    6. Rapid yet realistic timescales
    7. Dependability and excellent service
    8. Fixed-cost quotations
    9. Competitive rates
    10. A real saving in terms of time, money and stress

    MarketCheckers Ltd has worked successfully with:

    Leisure, Food, Drink and Entertainment

    • Cinema Telephone Bookings
    • Cinema Viewing Experience
    • Tenpin Bowling Centres
    • Public Houses
    • Coffee Shops
    • Casinos
    • Tea Shops
    • Fish and Chip Shops
    • Golf and Sports clubs

    Home Improvements

    • Kitchens national retailer
    • Bedrooms
    • Furniture retailers
    • Conservatory and Window outlets

    High Street Retail

    • Estate Agent national chain
    • Convenience Stores chains
    • DIY Retailers
    • Stamp Collection & Memorabilia Retailers
    • Petrol stations

    Hotels, Holidays, Travel & Conferences

    • Luxury Country House Hotels
    • Global hotel chain
    • Hotel Restaurants
    • Luxury Global Holiday/Tour Operator
    • Travel Agents
    • Tourism Board
    • Holiday Timeshare Apartments and Villas
    • Conference Centres

    Medical, Health and Cosmetic Surgery

    • NHS
    • Cosmetic Surgery Clinics
    • Health Spas
    • Veterinary Surgeons
    • Dental Clinics
    • Hearing Aids