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We deliver Customer-keeping and Cost-saving results. End result = you make more money

1. CostCheckers

Save money, cut costs:  Every business has monthly invoices. Would you like to pay less? Maybe you want a more flexible arrangement, or to have control over costs?

  • Renewable energy, Energy saving/storage, LED Lighting and Electric Vehicle charging points 
  • Fuel Cards, Tracking and Dashcams
  • Card Payment/PDQ machines Broadband, VOIP, Landlines and Leaselines
  • Photocopiers, Printers, Inks, Consumables, Stationery and Office furniture
  • Electrical, Gas, Water, Fire safety and Waste (food, non-food or confidential)
  • Insurance, Accountancy and Marketing Services

MarketCheckers Ltd negotiates with a range of suppliers across different markets, to ensure you are getting the best deal for your business on a range of products and services. Keeping costs down either increases profits or makes you more competitively-priced to your own customers. We can help you to save £££s, again and again. 

2. TellCheckers

Content, Copywriting, Articles and Promotional writing:  Update your customers, and while you are at it, why not tell everybody else all about what your business can do.  Sometimes it’s difficult to “see the wood for the trees”, or to write objectively about your own company, products or services.

As an independent 3rd party we provide a range of viewpoints to help keep your communications fresh.  With our competitive rates and a variety of writing styles, we can take pretty much any approach you like, ranging from attention-grabbing, to punchy and concise, to relaxed and chatty, to light-hearted and entertaining.  

Joined-up idea: you can easily get some interesting and often unique coverage out of, say, mystery shopping, research initiatives, sales promotions, price realignments, etc, which we are very well-placed to write for you, so why not link TellCheckers to your other initiatives?

3. ServiceCheckers

Mystery Telephone Calls and Visits, to test Customer Service and Sales methods for any enquiries: although sometimes also known as “Secret Shopping” please note that we also test Business customer enquiries as well as Retail/Consumer scenarios. 

With our network of over 25,000 mystery shoppers and professional customers across the UK, you can measure service levels and test sales techniques in any combination of outlets and contact centres, anywhere. See how good your staff really are.  Help them achieve the MarketCheckers ABC of customer Service standards.

  • A.) Assurance that Promotions & Initiatives are correctly followed, and followed-up  
  • B.) Boost and Reinforce employee Training on FAQs 
  • C.) Check up on your competitors!

 Mystery Visits/Video: either Standard Visits (non-video) or Video-recorded visits with hidden cameras                                                             Mystery Telephone calls/Audio: with any regional accents.  Audio call recordings of your own outlets can be included if you want           Mystery email/web form enquiries: can be stand-alone or in conjunction with calls and visits.

  • Test and check your network by focusing on specific issues, so you can compare performance across outlets on like-for-for like situations
  • Cover different scenarios every month or every quarter to get a good spread of topics 
  • Mix and match: Visit, Telephone and Email mystery shopping to suit your needs

4. SalesCheckers

Increase Satisfaction and Customer Retention: MarketCheckers’ proprietary techniques, combined with good old Focus Groups and other Market Research techniques help you to spot the early warning signs of reduced Customer Satisfaction, and guard against sales revenues disappearing!!!   

Brand/Product Awareness, Perceptions, Opinions and Preferences: How many people really know what you do, or how well you do it? Is their understanding accurate? What exactly ARE their perceptions, and how can these be improved? Are you able to provide what your customers want most of all?  We can help you capitalise on these aspects of your products and service

Purchase Intentions, Usage and Habits: Why do people choose the products and services that you deliver in the first place? And how often? How do they prefer to buy? What can you do to make them more likely a.) to use whatever you supply and b.) to choose you as their supplier?

Customer Satisfaction, Attitudes, Expectations and Reputation: if you consistently meet or exceed people’s expectations, they will use you again, and they might also recommend you. Understanding what people expect is key to continued success.

What is it that will make Customers buy more often from you, and spend more…again and again? 

5. PriceCheckers

Price Comparisons and Competitor Benchmarking: Make sure you are competitively priced against other players in the markets which you sell into.  Remove the effort from finding out, monitoring and comparing prices or customer service standards against other organisations, with our tailor-made, impartial and independent service.

Cover your Product and Service ranges and regions. We deliver the information with a choice of analyses, or simply “data only” if you prefer.  Joined-up idea: why not link PriceCheckers to your mystery shopping initiatives in 3. so that you can compare customer service levels, as well as products/services and price?


WHAT TO DO NEXT       Just ask for a FREE, no obligation, quotation with fixed costs for any combination of our products and services, with FREE example reports. We will tailor the layout, content and timings of your programme to your budget and other requirements.  

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