MarketCheckers' Customer Capture and Invoice-Cutting Tool-Kit

We deliver Customer-Retaining and Cost-Saving  results so that your business makes more profit

Objective: to help our clients to make bigger profits

MarketCheckers Ltd delivers Customer-keeping and Cost-saving results. 

We find ways for your business to: 

  • Sell More
  • Spend Less


We are impartial experts who save you time AND money.  

We help you to keep Your Customers coming back time after time, and we help Your Business to save money month after month on regular overhead costs.  More Sales and Lower Costs = Higher Profits. Simple….all you need to do is ask.

Things change. Frequently.  Constantly.  Why risk it, when you can check it?  And make sure.

MarketCheckers will use the following techniques to assist you in cutting costs, spotting new routes to market, or finding additional ways to increase the orders of products and services going into your company’s sales funnel:

1. Mystery Telephone Calls, Visits:  To keep employees and sales networks on their toes with our SalesCheckers and ServiceCheckers programmes – also available as one-offs

2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Market Research: To increase retention, referrals, recommendations, e.g. through Surveys Research and Focus Groups, and grow your sales revenues   

3. Cost Checking Service: Check the current going rate in the market. Find the best-fit and/or lowest-cost deals from suppliers.  Save ££££s on your monthly business invoices, such as telecoms or utilities.

4. Business and Employee Performance: effective, as well as cost-effective ways, for you to achieve a variety of business aims and objectives    


Reports from MarketCheckers are impartial and objective, a bit like a consumer watchdog-type magazine….but for businesses…..and tailor made.

It is FREE to call for a brief discussion. We provide FREE, no-obligation quotations, tailored to your own specifications.

By providing the following MarketCheckers will make everything straightforward for you:

  1. Yes: a comprehensive UK-wide network. We have 000s of experienced, professional researchers, spread right across the UK
  2. Yes: a range of cost-effective, well-known suppliers to save you money
  3. Yes: our attractive, custom-built reports are very easy-to-use
  4. Yes: control your budgets
  5. No hidden charges, total cost is confirmed in advance at realistic rates
  6. Yes: rapid timescales can be achieved 
  7. Yes: fully GDPR compliant
  8. Yes: we have a friendly, flexible, confidential approach to help you find out whatever you need to know to achieve your objectives
  9. Yes: what we deliver can be ad hoc, periodic or ongoing


Or if you want something slightly different, just ask – everybody’s requirements are unique.

What to do next: 

If you want to try out what MarketCheckers can do for you, it’s SO EASY.

Why not set up a trial initiative, just to dip your toe in?   We promise that you will be more than satisfied with the outcome. 

It only takes a few minutes to call MarketCheckers on 0345 009 4247.  You can also just email us via to find out more, or simply fill in the form below: